What Are Benefits Of A Marriage Weekend Retreat Compared With Traditional Couples Therapy?

Marriage poses challenges for any couple, no matter how long they’ve been together and no matter how much they love each other. When challenges seem insurmountable, many couples turn to marriage counseling to get help from a professional therapist. But that approach doesn’t work for everyone. Couples who don’t want to or don’t feel the need to invest in a long process should consider a marriage weekend retreat.

Faster Solutions

Because a retreat lasts only a few days, the schedule is intensive. In a typical retreat, couples spend all of their time together working intensively on establishing goals for their relationship and taking key steps toward those goals. The intensity of a retreat often sparks a re-connection for couples who have lost their feeling of intimacy. In addition, couples have the chance to practice specific verbal and non-verbal communication skills that will help them keep working on their relationship after the retreat has ended.

In-Depth Therapy

Another advantage of this intense form of marriage therapy is the chance to fully explore and resolve issues in a single weekend. Traditional therapy sessions end after an hour and couples have to wait a week, at least, before continuing the conversation. Thus, in traditional therapy, many couples feel frustrated because they don’t get to finish telling their stories and get their points made in a single session. In an intensive weekend retreat, there is time to fully discuss whatever issue is troubling a marriage, whether it’s broken trust after infidelity or a painful lack of intimacy.

A Therapeutic Vacation

Couples retreats can also serve as a chance to relax together. Once the therapy sessions are finished for the day, couples can dine out together, explore the city where the retreat is located, and enjoy a peaceful night in a hotel, all without the pressures of work and family responsibilities. For many couples, a mini-vacation can recharge a tired relationship and reawaken fading passion.

Something For Everyone

Couples retreats are not only meant to address struggling marriages. In fact, many couples in healthy relationships can benefit from the extra support a retreat provides. By working together on creating shared goals, they can make their relationship even better.